Mimas (Heavenly Bodies Collection)

Mimas (Heavenly Bodies Collection)

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This listing is for Mimas from the Heavenly Bodies Collection.


The Heavenly Bodies Collection, a collection of out of this world Matte colors curated by Design Team Member Thera Roach (@Fauwxx), is comprised of 6 beautifully vibrant watercolors:

  • Nibiru - a bright and vibrant pink

  • Cydonia - an incredibly vibrant orange

  • Mimas - a bright orange

  • Kepler 186f - a deep bold royal purple

  • Gliese 667Cc - a versatile Prussian blue

  • Worm Hole - a deep granulating black

All paints are hand mulled in small batches, on a glass slab from pigment and 100% natural honey based binder. No fillers or additives are ever used in the paints.

All colors are cured and poured a minimum of three times, resulting in full, robust pans.

Colors may vary slightly due to differences in monitor setting.

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