Hello! Iā€™m Vanessa Lesniak, founder and creator of The Sprout Creative, a small family business that specializes in artisanal handmade watercolor paints. A wife, mother of three girls and Social Worker by profession, I originally began experimenting with watercolor as a form of self-care. What began as an occasional dabble into the art soon became a profound passion. Now a full time artist and paintmaker, I share my passion for creative expression at in person workshops and on various platforms such as Instagram where I can be found @Vanessa_Paints_ and @TheSproutCreative. I am also a teacher on Skillshare, an online learning community for creatives.

My artisanal handmade paints are made in very small batches, around 4 teaspoons at a time, in order to ensure that each batch is as smooth and thick as possible.  The paint is poured and allowed to cure a minimum of 3 times in the pans in order to give you the most robust pans possible. 

I pour all of my love and passion for the art into every creation that I put out in the world and I hope you feel it when you receive a piece of art or product from me.

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