Welcome to The Sprout Creative

Thank you for stopping in, we are so happy that you paid us a visit. We are a small family business that specializes in the creation of handmade artisanal watercolors. Our products are made with the highest quality and are held up to very high standards. They rewet easily and are highly pigmented - a little goes a long way.

Our line of watercolors are handmade from our home in Buffalo, NY and distributed worldwide. We strive to get to know our customers and are always looking to connect. So find us on Instagram at @thesproutcreative and give us a wave, we’d love to put a face behind the name. As always, thanks for joining our little tribe of Sprouties and happy shopping.


July’s Sprout VIP Box

Featuring beautiful watercolor journals hand bound in India by Akanksha Agrawal (@boundforyou.in), 4 exclusive watercolors and mystery items from Sprout’s Treasure Trove.

The VIP Box goes on sale Friday, June 21st and will start shipping the week of July 8th. There are only 25 available, so get yours early before they sell out!