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Thank you for stopping in, we are so happy that you paid us a visit. We are a small family business that specializes in the creation of handmade artisanal watercolors. Our products are made with the highest quality and are held up to very high standards. They rewet easily and are highly pigmented - a little goes a long way.

Our line of watercolors are handmade from our home in Buffalo, NY and distributed worldwide. We strive to get to know our customers and are always looking to connect. So find us on Instagram at @thesproutcreative and give us a wave, we’d love to put a face behind the name. As always, thanks for joining our little tribe of Sprouties and happy shopping.

The Secret Garden Collections

Curated by Carrie @ScribingGrace

In our latest blog post, Carrie reveals the behind the scenes on her experiences in curating two collections with The Sprout Creative as well as her thoughts and processes in color selection and building a cohesive palette.

Heavenly Bodies

The New Heavenly Bodies Collection

Check out this blog post by collection curator @Fauwxx to learn more about the inspiration behind the new Heavenly Bodies collection of beautiful matte watercolors, including the special meaning of each color’s name.

Shimmer Swatches

New Swatches of Shimmer Colors

Have you been looking for comparisons of different shimmer colors to help you place your order?

We have some brand new swatches of some of our shimmers grouped by similar colors, including a video of a live swatching of all of the shimmers!

Chameleon Color

Join me on Patreon

Join me on Patreon for access to Patreon exclusive watercolors, tutorials, samples of new watercolors, discounts to The Sprout Creative, original paintings, bonus content, and more! We are currently voting for September’s exclusive watercolor, a chameleon color!

We are currently at over 40 patrons! Since we have reached 40 patrons, we will make a Patreon collection of 4 colors. You will name each color as well as the entire collection. All patrons will receive a mini set of the collection designed by you!

Skillshare Watercolor Water Tutorial

Watercolor Tutorials on Skillshare

Join me on Skillshare and get 2 months of Premium Membership Free!

I currently have several courses on watercolor painting, with more on the way!
• Seascape water 4 ways
• Seascape skies 4 ways
• Moonscapes
• Dynamic galaxies
• Painting with watercolor and ink

You’ll also get access to thousands of other classes!