Hyacinth (Fall Secret Garden)

Hyacinth (Fall Secret Garden)


Half pan of Hyacinth from the Fall Secret Garden Collection

Fall Secret Garden, the perfect floral palette curated by Carrie M. (@ScribingGrace on Instagram) is comprised of 6 gorgeous colors including:

  • Primrose - a gorgeous lemon yellow

  • Poppy - a bright apricot

  • Cypress - a beautiful green gold

  • Hyacinth - a beautiful manganese violet

  • Begonia- a beautiful vibrant alizarin crimson

  • Amaryllis - a deep, velvety perylene maroon

All paints are hand mulled in small batches, on a glass slab from pigment and 100% natural honey based binder. No fillers or additives are ever used in the paints. Due the nature of the binder, certain colors may crack in the pan. This is normal and does not compromise the quality of the paint.

Colors may vary slightly due to differences in monitor setting.

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