Welcome to The Sprout Creative. My name is Vanessa, Iā€™m a wife, mother of 3 and Social Worker. I started watercoloring as a hobby in 2017 and quickly realized that I had a great passion for it. I love the joy of watching a creation come to life.

I also enjoy teaching others and guiding them towards leading a more creative life, whether that involves the use of this wonderful medium or another.

My artisanal handmade paints are made in very small batches, around 4 teaspoons at a time, in order to ensure that each batch is as smooth and thick as possible.  The paint is poured and allowed to cure a minimum of 3 times in the pans in order to give you the most robust pans possible.  Because of this, custom orders can sometimes take about a month before they are ready to ship.  I appreciate your patience.