The Southern Flair Collection

The Southern Flair Collection

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It’s finally here! The second part of Kim LeBeau’s Southern Collection - The Southern Flair Collection. This gorgeous palette is made up of 8 extremely versatile colors. Each pan is filled with a rich color variant that can be blended with any color from the collection to make an endless array of shades and hues. And yes, Kim’s amazing Southern names are back y’all! Included in this collection are:

  • Riverbed Mud - a rich, highly saturated velvety red.

  • Punkin’ Frost - a soft muted apricot

  • Corn Bread - a golden yellow

  • Rockytop Pine - a deep pine green

  • Tennessee Blues - a gorgeous turqoise

  • Plum Good - a versatile rich purple

  • Southern Fried Paint - a lovely, earthy green

  • Boot Scootin’ - a rich, chocolatey brown

All paints are hand mulled in small batches, on a glass slab from pigment and 100% natural honey based binder. No fillers or additives are ever used in the paints.

All colors are cured and poured a minimum of three times, resulting in full, robust pans.

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